aliveinchrist13 (aliveinchrist13) wrote in candw_rating,

I've found the Last golden ticket!

Oh. Never mind. It's a fake.


Name: Katrina
Age: 13
Nicknames: Kat, Trina, walking dictionary.
Likes: Books, silence, animals, music, art, fingerless gloves, being alone, LOTR, anime/manga.
Dislikes: Wet socks, milk, large crowds, public speaking, idiots, know-it-alls....
Hobbies: reading, writing, roller-skating, singing, do accents.


Movie: Pirates of the Carribean.
Book: I have lots. Mostly, the Lord of the Rings, the Tale of Despereax, and Charle and the Chocolate Factory.
Place: The woods...
Color: Green.
Animal: Cats, wolves, penguins, and pigs. What? They're highly intellegent!
Food:  Mashed Potatoes :D
Thing: Books?

Least Favorite:

Thing: The heat..... Or big crowds.....
Food: Ugh. Most green vegetables.
Animal: Hmm.... I don't have one, actually.
Color: Eh. Pink.

Are you a...:

Good or Bad Kid: Mostly good.
Dreamer or Thinker: Well, both, actually >>
Snot orAngel: Depends on my mood.
Greedy or Selfless: Eh, neither here nor there. Not terrible greedy, not terribly selfless.

Last Questions:
If you found the last ticket would you sell it for many things,or keep it and go to the factory?:
Keep it, unless we REALLY needed the money.
What Button would you push if you got the chance to ride in Willy Wonka's elevator(be creative!)?: Just the first one that caught my eye, actually.....
What Would you do if you owned an oompa loompa?: What does one do with an Oompa Loompaoutside the Chocolate factory? I suppose, I'd..... Uh.... Ask it to do the laundry and feed it chocolate?
Please promote in at least one place: 1.) what kind of place?

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