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I`VE FOUND THE LAST TICKET! ..No, wait, I lied! XD


Name: Koh
Age: 19
Nicknames: KohKoh, Koh kun, Koh chan
Likes: Warmth, Music, Antiques/Fancy things, Nature, Animals, Happy endings (Or at least not tragic. T_T).
Dislikes: Coldness, Constant talking, Being Alone, Fighting.
Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Reading, Gaming.


Movie Charile and the Chocolate Factory (2006) It's no surprise, huh?^^;
Book: Mostly likely old english literature, plays, or poetry.
Something by Shakespeare, Lord Byron or Edgar Allan Poe.
Place: Somewhere in Europe.
Color: Beige and Gold
Animal: Rabbit
Food: Crab rangoons
Thing: I can't choose my favorite thing of all things, there are just too many things to choose from!

Least Favorite:

Thing: See the answer for Thing above.
Food: Eggs
Animal: Birds probably, they tend to annoy to me.
Color: None, I like all colors.^^

Are you a...:

Good or Bad Kid: I'd say that I'm good.. but I won't make any big statement about it.
Dreamer or Thinker: A notable Dreamer.
Snot or Angel: Angel or I'd rather say neither really..
Greedy or Selfless: A little bit of both. I try to be selfless, but I'm somewhat self centered, and I do admit that..

Last Questions:
If you found the last ticket would you sell it for many things,or keep it and go to the factory?: I would keep it. I wouldn't eat too much candy, although I do enjoy sweets. But if I were the new owner of the factory I'd be happy to know I have a buisness to keep me financed. Plus it's such a fun place to be. XD I think I'd enjoy the amusement rather than the finances.
What Button would you push if you got the chance to ride in Willy Wonka's elevator(be creative!)?:
I don't remember all of the buttons.. so I'd have to see for myself. The part where they were surrounded by fireworks would probably be fun and exciting. ^_^
What Would you do if you owned an oompa loompa?: I don't like the idea of "owning" anyone per se, but I would use them to work in some way, as I assume they are used to being workers. But nothing too hard of labor, and of course house/feed/take care of it in return. Oh, and let them break out in song as much as they want!
Please promote in at least one place: 1.) You've been Promoted! ;D

(If you can't tell from my photos, my eyes are green, hair is dark brown and comes down to my chin.)

Oh right, and I insist on male votes only please!

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