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Name: Taynara, call me just Tay.
Age: 16 years old.
Nicknames: Tay, please :)
Likes: Sleeping, Internet, CARS, ROADS, travels, new beatle, diferent people, orange juice, cowboys, rayban, travels without a destiny, road movies, Brazil, California, ANIMALS, Los Angeles, fashion, bon jovi, pirates, sound of the cicadas, rayban, read, play fight games and various other things.
Dislikes: Religion, boring people (ohh, really? D:), people who complain too much, people who hurt animals, when people don't listen to me, lawyers, hot-like-hell days and Curitiba
Hobbies: Draw, write, read and THE COMPUTER!

Movie: Scary Movies, Pirates of the Caribbean, Not Another Teen Movie, Tropa de Elite, Monthy Phyton, Party Monster, Lost and Delirious. Many.
Book: Lord of the rings, Serie of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes.
Place: Brazil! And my room.
Color: I like all colors. But white and pink I like the most.
Animal: ALL! Cats and foxes are my favorite *-*
Food: Anything with potatoes and sea food!
Thing: My friends, animals, books...so many D:

Least Favorite:
Thing: Look my dislikes list ;)
Food: Japanese food, pasta :p
Animal: Flies and whales
Color: Bizarre combinations, like brown+green, yuck!

Are you a...:
Good or Bad Kid: Probably a bad kid.
Dreamer or Thinker: Thinker.
Snot or Angel: Depends...
Greedy or Selfless: Not so selfless, not so greedy. But more greedy than selfless :/

Last Questions:
If you found the last ticket would you sell it for many things,or keep it and go to the factory?: Go to the factory. Maybe I'd receive best things :)
What Button would you push if you got the chance to ride in Willy Wonka's elevator(be creative!)?: Must...push...the...big...red...candy-like...shiny...button! D:
What Would you do if you owned an oompa loompa?: I'll dance with they! Kidding...Just to do the laundry.
Please promote in at least one place: 1.) hmm, okay

With my friends
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