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Name: Samantha
Age: 17
Nicknames: Sam, Random, Misfit, Alice Wisdom
Likes: Writing, Reading, Listening to music, being around my friends, being alone, driving around for no reason, sleep
Dislikes: War, people, Crappy music, chewing gum, jocks
Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Photography, Drawing


Movie: Tie between Garden State and Jackass Number Two
Book: Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.
Place: In my own head just in my own little magic filled dream world
Color: Purple

Animal: Kitten
Food: Chinese food
Thing: Music

Least Favorite:

Thing: People
Food: Meat (Yup I’m a vegetarian too!)
Animal: I dunno Roaches
Color: Orange

Are you a...:

Good or Bad Kid: Depends on the day

Dreamer or Thinker: Dreamer
Snot or Angel: No kid is an angel
Greedy or Selfless: Selfless mostly

Last Questions:
If you found the last ticket would you sell it for many things,or keep it and go to the factory?: Keep it, Grandpa George is right there’ll always be money but there will only be 5 golden tickets. Money isn’t the answer to your dreams, it just makes things worse.
What Button would you push if you got the chance to ride in Willy Wonka's elevator(be creative!)?: I would push the Musical Candy room, like all you have to do is put a piece of candy in your mouth and you hear your favorite song clear and perfect in your head.
What Would you do if you owned an oompa loompa?: Have them help me make the most fantastical candies in the whole universe and then Willy, Charlie, and I could be the best candymakers the world has ever seen.
Please promote in at least one place: 1.) I guess I’ll put a banner in my info

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