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I've found the last ticket!..bitches!


Name: Jackie
Age: 15
Nicknames: Jakie(call me that and die), Saige, Kanmi, Sissy, Freak, Weirdo, Shorty, Kiddo, Jakuerinu, Jaku, Sanzo(occasionally anyway), Johnny Depp's wife(I swear people call me that! >.>;; ), Purple(when people don't know my name), Sango, and Hippie.
Likes: I like to write, watch anime, reading(depending on the book), sleep, animals, people are willing to accept me as is and not try to "change" me, listening to music(mostly Rock and Jazz), talking with people that I click with(them saying the most), silence, solitude, rainy days(I love it when I am home alone and have nothing to worry about on rainy days, I can drift off to sleep while listening to nature's music), Not going to school, listening to the news sometimes(I hate fox news, they should all burn in hell), researching history/philosophy, thinking about history/philosophy, watching good comedies/horror/action movies and on occasion I do like a romance one though they have to be a different kind of love story like there being mystery or something like that, talking about religion with people that look at it from all points of views(I'm athiest/agnostic so yeah, I tend to look at religion from a historical view), open minded people, and did I mention sleeping?
Dislikes: I dislike arrogant and ignorant people, the people at my school that think they are the fucking shit when they are just idiots, sexism, racism, homophobia, people that think they know whats goin on in the world though can't tell you who Tony Blair is(What the fuck? He was the only man that agreed to go into Iraq), loud places, loud people, people that have their heads so far up their asses that they don't know reality from fiction, people who treat others like shit for the hell of it, people who think suicide will save them(if you want things to change, then live), sterotypes(goth, emo, punk, etc..), people who don't understand that I don't want to be friends with them even if I bluntly tell them to fuck off, people who try to change me(I am my own person), people who kill animals for clothing, and people who don't know when to leave me the fuck alone.
Hobbies: That's pretty much my likes.


Movie Hmm, The constant Gardener.
Book: I can't just choose one. The Shining-Stephen King.
The Da vinci code-Dan Brown
What dreams may come-Richard Matheson(I believe that's how you spell his last name anyway).

I normally change my favorite books because in general I like alot of the books I've read equally so yeah.
Place: I like Quebec City, I can't understand a damn thing anyone is saying though it's a place where I don't know anyone and the city is beautiful.
Color: Violet/Black
Animal: Wolf/White tiger
Food: Anything with rice or chocolate in it.
Thing: Err, probably my pen, mind, or bed.

Least Favorite:

Thing: Anything used to kill people.
Food: Anything with meat in it.
Animal: I don't really have a least favorite animal.
Color: Pink.

Are you a...:

Good or Bad Kid: Eh, I'm kind of in the middle. I've done bad things that I've certainly regretted, my friends would call me an insane kid and my parents would call me a bitchy(when annoyed or something is bothering me) but good kid. I do realize I'm not a very good person in the sense of morality, especially when it comes to religious morality. I have a hard time believing in things that have never really helped me or have screwed over people I know so yeah. I would like to think I'm a good kid though that's just not reality but it wouldn't be reality either to call me a bad kid.
Dreamer or Thinker: Thinker for the most part, I am a realist for almost everything. I do have some ideals and I do dream about things that I know would be impossible and I prefer it that way.
Snot orAngel: Nani? You mean as in me being a brat or angel? Neither. I am not a goody goody kind of girl though I'm not a kid that will push you around and be a bitch to you without a reason.
Greedy or Selfless: I would like to think I was selfless but I know I'm not, nor am I greedy. I do things for myself and those around me that I give a damn about. I believe in serving myself and those I care about because helping them will make not just them happy but probably me in the process as well. I don't care about a lot of people in my life so it's pretty rare for me to feel the need to rise to the occasion but at the same time that applies to myself as well.

Last Questions:
If you found the last ticket would you sell it for many things,or keep it and go to the factory?: I'd keep it in all honesty, curiousty would be the thing that stops me from selling it. I would love to be in that candy forest, not because of the candy but because of how surreal and beautiful it was.
What Button would you push if you got the chance to ride in Willy Wonka's elevator(be creative!)?: Oh oh! I know! A button that said: "experimental but un-harmable chocolate room with all your bishies waiting for you" =D!~ Wouldn't that be nice?
What Would you do if you owned an oompa loompa?: I'd probably let it live it's life how it wanted too.
Please promote in at least one place: 1.) Alright.

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